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What we offer

  • Servicing
    Regular servicing ensures your bike runs as safely and smoothly as is possible.
  • Stand-alone Repairs
    From a replacement inner tube to more complex repairs, Dr Bike offers a full range of repairs – Just need a quick fix? Tell us what you need, we’ll do the rest.
  • Custom Builds
    Let us help build your own unique bicycle from scratch. Expert advice with a passion for custom bike builds.
  • Maintenance Classes
    Our bike mechanic can guide you through the highest standards of bike maintenance so you can enjoy safe, trouble-free cycling all year round.



Please call, email or use the contact form for further information.

IMPORTANT COVID19 UPDATE – WE ARE STILL FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS and operating social distancing and cleansing measures as per government guidelines.

General service, Mini service , Deep service & clean and Full bike valet

Price List

Home repair service is available at an additional price of £10 to those quoted below within a 6 mile radius of Hitchin.

Maintenance Charges (excluding parts)

Service/ RepairDescriptionPrice (£)
Brake Block Fitting£5
Cable Fitting£5
Cable Pull Brakes£5
Buckled wheelWhere repair is possible£10
Puncture RepairInner tube replacement£10
Tyre fitting£10 (£15 for a pair)
Cassette fitting£10
Handlebar change£10
Bike Rack£10
New Headset£10
Bottom bracket£15
Regrease and new bearings on wheel axel£15
Hydraulic brake bleed/top-up£20 per brake
Mini ServiceIncludes 'M-Check' (main safety points) brakes and gears checked, chain oiled, tyres at the correct pressure.
Can be done while you wait
General ServiceIncludes all elements of the Mini service plus:
Checking and adjusting where needed: brakes, gears, bearings, tyres, chain, derailleurs, wheels, headset, stem, bottom bracket, clean rims/disc, true wheels, general clean, all safety points checked plus advice and price of any extra work or parts needed.
Deep Service and CleanIncludes all elements of the General service plus
chain bath to remove grit from chain and deep gear clean (scrubbing all cogs, cleaning and lubricating both derailleurs), a thorough clean of the whole bike.
Full Bike ValetIncludes all elements of the Deep service and clean plus
An all-over deep clean of the bike, chain stripped and de-gritted (correctly oiled), cassette and chainrings cleaned, de-grease rims/disc rotors, mechs cleaned, thorough frame clean and shine.
Childs Bike Service£20
Child Seat Fitting£10
Electric Bike Service£35
Cargo Bike Service£40
Full Strip Down and RebuildNot including parts £60

Bike Builds

Service/ RepairDescriptionPrice (£)
Child’s BikeExcluding parts£25
Adult BikeExcluding parts£35
TrikeExcluding parts£60
Cargo BikeExcluding parts£60+

Home or Business Bike Maintenance Lessons

Service/ RepairDescriptionPrice (£)
Puncture proficientA 1-hour session on punctures.

How to remove the wheel, tyre, tube, replace or repair the tube and reassemble.

This session can be tailored to the participant’s bike and moves at the pace of their learning.

Tubes and tools and repair kits provided.
£40 (£5 per extra person)
Bike Basics
A 1-hour session.

How to best maintain your bike to extend its life, check for issues and fix basic problems.

How to adjust and correct gears, brakes, tyres and chain.

This session can be tailored to the participant’s bike and moves at the pace of their learning.
£40 (£5 per extra person)
Make Me a MechanicA 2-hour session taking the basic mechanic knowledge participants already have and expanding on them.

This course will be specific to the individual and can be adapted to any areas they wish to focus on.

It can include detailed work on adjusting/replacing: gears, brakes, bearings, a description and demonstration of tools needed for all bike areas, basic wheel truing.

A chance to work alongside and learn from an experienced bike mechanic.

Tools and stands can be provided.
£60 (£5 per extra person)